About us

Montevideo Audiovisual integrates the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Montevideo. As a management space, it assists the audiovisual sector in three well-defined areas:

  • Promotion: Through the management of the Montevideo Socio Audiovisual and Montevideo Filma programs, it contributes to the development of Uruguayan cinema and audiovisual. Actively participates in the development of the interinstitutional program SeriesUY, aimed at the production of fiction series for television. It also stimulates the dissemination of quality cinematographic and audiovisual content, supporting premieres of Uruguayan audiovisual productions and the development and management of festivals and national and international exhibitions in the city.
  • Exhibitions: It articulates at an informative and support level the programming of the different public screens of IdeM and MEC, besides developing programs and own cycles of exhibition through an itinerant projection system.
  • Locations: Montevideo Audiovisual is the Office in charge of processing and coordinating the filming permits for film, television and advertising shoots that are displayed throughout the department.


  • Advise on the search for locations
  • Provide information on the locations characteristics, appicable regulations and tariffs
  • Draw attention to the filming procedures
  • Liaise with other administrative units and private companies in order to facilitate permit management procedures
  • Promote a constant, fluent coordination with other individuals whithin the audiovisual scene.

Faced with the growing development that the audiovisual sector has shown in Uruguay in recent years, the Montevideo Audiovisual Office is collaborating to build a relationship where efforts are joined to seek the consolidation of the Uruguayan industry. At the same time, it tries to ensure that the audiovisual activity coexists in the best way with the daily activities of the city and its neighbors.


  • Gabriel Peveroni - Coordinador de la Oficina Montevideo Audiovisual
  • Juan Russi - Coordinador Unidad de Fomento
  • Melina Sicalos – Coordinadora Exhibiciones y Locaciones
  • Yenny Ruglio - Producción de proyectos de Exhibiciones, Comunicación, Página web y redes Montevideo Audiovisual
  • Soledad Sasso - Gestión de permisos para rodajes, Administración, Gestión financiera, Estadística
  • Claudia Rolán - Gestión de permisos para rodajes, Administración
  • Carolina Berisso - Pasante FIC-UDELAR